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The only thing more relentless than Social Media

 I get a lot of attention for my lipstick, earning hashtags right and left (thanks +Kevin Burns and +Lee Rickler =D)… On a random whim, I’m sharing my secret.

As a budding #Trep , I keep really strange hours - sometimes cursing the clock altogether! Since working Social Media globally is a 24-hour job, I need to be ready at any given time to meet with my clients. One thing that stays with me day and night is my REVLON ColorStay

Do people need lipstick to do Social Media? Of course not! But if it becomes part of your Social Media Strategy, whether you intend it to or not, Lol then I highly recommend ColorStay. Put it on once after brushing your teeth in the morning and forget about it. It helps me keep my mind focused on my work, rather than what I look like.

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Happy Birthday, Great Wizard!

+Grizwald Grim,
Everyday is an adventure with you - whether we’re working apart or frolicking with friends - you’re always helping to gently guide us to new heights. Thank you for being such a powerful force for good here in our Universe. Life has lustre with you here in it.    

See you soon (with a clean face). ヅ

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Every Moment CountsAnd at the end of the day - as far as followers go - any numerical significance past Six simply fades away

+Craig Burton shared this thoughtful reply in the engaging & insightful comment stream of epic post by +David Kutcher (

And I hope you weren’t being too serious about lack of engagement on your posts. I sense you were :( Post more about you and less shares of others posts. I don’t want to hear about others. I see them everywhere anyway because they get shared a gazillion times in my HollyGoogle Circle. Give me your thoughts and fun times. Just my humble opinion from someone with far less followers than you and who doesn’t care about the numbers.

Sound advice.ϡ

Title: Six Little Monkeys and a Mama Reading on the Trampoline  at Mesa, AZ

Tags: #EveryMomentCounts   #SixLittleMonkeys   #MindfulParenting   #EverydayMoments  

Description: An impromptu recording of storytime by flashlight on the Trampoline. Readings consist of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “These Are Grandma’s Glasses.”

Soundcloud site:

Our Mortal Wounds: The Things We Fear
Inspired by my own fumbling toward Immortality and +David Amerland’s Sunday Read (Sept.14, 2014) 

Somewhere between the first and the last word that +David Amerland writes in his thoughtful Sunday Read posts, I can usually find some portion to contend with, connect with, and in the case of this week’s post - contextualize. The point that I fixated on from this particular read is encapsulated in these three sentences:

 _We fear living it in ways that waste it_. Its one-way stream makes us fearful of making mistakes we cannot undo. Causing harm that cannot be repaired.

Coincidentally, I could have done that very thing yesterday - that irreparable thing- when I blocked someone so very tender to my heart - all in a bratty fit over something miniscule in importance. After I did it, I laid down and slept for three hours (apparently I was extremely grumpy from lack of sleep!). I didn’t even realize I was that tired. I just knew that if I stayed working at my desktop, I would not be able to stand having him blocked - he’s practically my lifeblood afteral… However, I was bound and determined I was going to make my point for the next ten minutes or so - AND then I’d go unblock him and we would both have a great chuckle at my silliness and everything would be beautiful as usual. …Like I said, though, I slept for three hours!! … … … 

When I finally came back to consciousness, I awoke in a panic. Realizing what I had done and had left to ruminate upon for hours, I rushed over to my desktop, tripped over the cord as I was in such a hurry to ameliorate my dastardly attempt at proving something of naught, and I managed to unplug the cord from the wall. “Dratz!” I thought. I was forced to sit there with my thoughts and wait til my machine booted up. (Longest minute and a half - E-V-E-R!!!) After I unblocked him, I apologized with haste. Fortunately for me, my fellow in question is extremely wise beyond ego and very forgiving. 

During the interim moment between consciousness and absolution, I faced the horrible possibility that I could have really hurt his feelings. It wasn’t until later in the night when we talked it out (via our precious Google+ videochat tool), that the fulness of the possible ramifications of such a maneuver were made clear. This was done with one simple statement: “It’s a good thing I didn’t block you back.” “Huh? Block me back?” I thought. Now that was an implausible scenario…
Or was it?

My point in sharing this #TMINarrative  is this:

✐ We can never be too sure of another person’s ability to withstand our ego AND we should NEVER ever take someone’s feelings for granted for the sake of proving a point. Chances are that if “my fellow in question” had retaliated and not had the heart of a wise wizard to see beyond the moment, I fear that I’d have lost one of the best friends I’ve ever had. That karma would haunt me, and I’d always be left wondering: What if I had the courage to nurse my own mortal wounds? What if I had never pushed him out of my life?

Frankly… I’m not willing to ever have to wonder. Are you?

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The Things We Fear …

The notion that death can be conquered is very old. From Achilles ( being dipped by his mother in the river Styx, as a baby, to prayer, purity of spirit, morality and even alchemy ( there’s a long list of things that have been tried by men who range from someone who ran for the US presidency to Joseph Stalin. 

Modern medicine regards ageing (and presumably dying) as a disease a cure to which may indeed be found and Google’s project Calico ( is only the latest, and probably the most scientific approach to the issue, to date. 

Having lived a kinda uncontrolled youth where I used to take what in retrospect, euphemistically  can only be called ‘chances’ I frequently used to wonder what being immortal must be like. Two things used to leap out at me: First, the boredom. Seeing patterns in the underlying motivations that made me and those around me do things, it struck me that at some point one would get tired of seeing the same thing enacted time and time again across the ages. A thought that Michael Moorcock’s brilliantly witty and frequently underrated opus The Dancers At The End Of Time ( makes abundantly clear. (For a taste of the style and content try An Alien Heat - 

Second, the challenge of staying sane. Having frequently doubted my own ability to retain sanity for very long the very idea of maintaining a balanced outlook on life across a timespan of thousands of years, to me, seemed improbable. The TV series Highlander ( which I loved, drove the point home with a vengeance with one immortal after another succumbing to the “curse of living forever” and losing either interest in life or their hold on reality or, most frequently, both. 

There are, of course, many different paths to immortality. Emperors, Kings and politicians have frequently looked for it in history. Ordinary people have tried to achieve it through the continuation of their family name, the growth of their family tree. Immortality then, of a sort perhaps, is the residual memory of our passage through the universe. 

Occultists have often drawn on the esoteric notion of the Akashic records ( popularized by madam Blavatsky ( in the 19th century to explain the other-dimensionality of the consciousness of man. At the other end of the same scale of this lies Christof Koch’s, somewhat radical but nonetheless possible, notion of consciousness as an emergent phenomenon driven by connectivity ( In that sense we could all achieve an immortality of sorts by being remembered long enough for the world to become conscious in which case we may exist again as shadows of what we once were, memories living in the ‘system’. 

If that sounds too much like The Matrix to you consider that the notion of resurrecting loved ones is already being explored ( with algorithmic resurrection and resurrection through simulation ( being hotly debated from both a practical and an ethical point of view. 

The controversial, late Terence McKenna ( proposed that resurrection was a possible reality provided one knew a person’s resonance frequency and could successfully apply it to a mass equal to that of the deceased. It was a bit like the universe being asked to ‘play back’ the person that was gone and as such is not far removed from Blavatsky’s idea of the Akashik record. 

When the world was made up of people who lived like candles contained in hermetically sealed boxes, death (and immortality) could perhaps be of huge concern. While some may have, indeed, invested a certain amount of megalomania in their search for a means to cheat the end of life, others simply wanted to know that their brief passage through the stage of the world, mattered. Made a difference, however small. 

The world we live in now, while not yet quite conscious is far, far different from that of the 20th century (or indeed any century beyond it). Almost 40% of the world’s population is now online ( and growing. Memories of our passage through the world will echo digitally long after our corporeal bodies melt away. Our acts and thoughts and beliefs living on in actions and trends we helped set in motion in the digital domain, through our being. 

In view of this immortality is already at hand, perhaps. Just as no tree ever dies as long as there are others to replace the ones that are gone and continue the process that creates forests out of a small clump of trees, so does our passage through the world, today, become part of a larger process with a much longer end-goal. It is no accident that in ancient myth and urban legend alike immortality has always been a quest of sorts requiring a hero’s journey ( to complete it. Actors and performers have known this for ages ( letting their works stay on for them, speaking long after they are gone and now, the same access to the communal memory is available to us all. 

While living forever, at a corporeal level, may be just a pipedream, living a longer, healthier life may not be that much of a stretch ( Genetics researcher David Sinclair thinks he may have cracked it ( This is also the area Ubrey de Grey tackles in his singularly unique style: 

The reason there is so much preoccupation with immortality and prolonging life is because, perhaps, we fear not just death but life itself. We fear living it in ways that waste it. Its one-way stream makes us fearful of making mistakes we cannot undo. Causing harm that cannot be repaired. Its complexity reduces us, at times, to ineffectual clumps of indecision, never knowing whether what we do is the right thing to do. That fear does not go away, but by knowing that now, perhaps, we share part of the journey with a collective “other” that can, through the connection itself, make us feel a little smarter and our passage of somewhat greater meaning, makes the journey of life a little easier to bear. 

Irrespective of whether we live on in the minds of others or manage to live on a little longer than expected, and lead a full, healthy life, none of it would have little meaning without some sugary treats, donuts, cake and a river of coffee (and maybe, even, tea) to help kick-off each Sunday. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are. 


Marketing Start ups & Charities Online, On Budget, On Google+

A fantastic opportunity to watch and learn about Marketing Startups & Charities Online/ On Budget/ On Google Plus

I’m totally excited to have the opportunity to run comment tracker for this most noteworthy event. Come one, come all!

Event Page Link:

YouTube Link: Marketing Start ups & Charities Online, On Budget, On Google+

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*Live from Westminster College MBA/Social Entrepreneurship Programs at the Gore Auditorium.”

+DENNIS N. DUCE is at it again. January 30th 2014 We broadcast live from Westminster College with +David Amerland, Mia Vos, and +Christine DeGraff what has come to be known as “The MBA Class HOA”

This time we will have both the MBA Marketing class (+Cliff Hurst) and the Social Entrepreneurship class (Michael Sutton Phd.)

Join us live from your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Chromecast, or Smart TV.
Mobile Link:
Google+ Link:
YouTube Link: Dennis’ Blog Link:

Check out what Mia, Christine, +Kirk Sherrod, and +Craig Fifield had to say about the first MBA Class:

This show will include a new panel including:

+Stephanie Sims-Talking about the benefit of Google+ Marketing on “The Bottom Line”

+Ammon Johns- Will be talking about the history of Online Marketing/SEO and how Google+ builds on the power of these tools to help you spread the word about your cause or Startup.

+Manolis Sfinarolakis Will join us to talk about how Crowd Funding ties into a good Google+ marketing plan and can actually help raise money and awareness at the same time.

+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales Will bring the Educational perspective. Alex teaches her #GlassInTheClass  HOA series live from Kent State University. She will show us the changes that are happening in the world of communication as a result of Social Media and how to make the most out of your Social Media marketing budget.

+DENNIS N. DUCE Will show how Live Broadcast Hangouts On Air can help develop a strong brand, community, and following that you can leverage to help you reach your goals.

Here is how the evening will play out.

HOA Producer Main Host:
Dennis N. Duce

Guest Hosts:
Stephanie Sims­
Ammon Johns­-Search Engine Optimization/Marketing and
Manolis Sfinarolakis-­CrowdFunding-­

Westminster Professors:
Clifford Hurst Phd­.-MBA Program
Michael Sutton Phd.-­Social Entrepreneurship Program
The purpose of this lecture is to discuss the power of Google+ as a cost effective marketing tool for financially strapped Startups and Charities.

This will be an open conversation in a free flow round table style
6:00-­6:10 1. Introductions. This will be a rotating intro with people taking a minute after they have been introduced to respond.
6:10­-6:30 2. Ammon Johns-­History of Online Marketing/Power of SEO and Social Signals.
6:30­-6:50 3. Dennis N. Duce­-How Google+ and Hangouts On Air tie into online marketing world and why they are so powerful
6:50-­7:10 4. Manolis Sfinarolakis-­How Crowd-funding fits into both Startups and Charities Marketing strained budget needs. Killing Two Birds With One Stone!
7:10-7:30 5. Stephanie Sims-­The value of elbow grease marketing in the budget tight worlds of Startups and Charities.
7:30­-7:45 6. Bathroom Break
7:45­­-9:00 8. Open Discussion for Q&A

These 3 Things: A Guide To Success And Happiness

Twenty minutes til we get a more intimate look at These 3 Things with +John Jurkiewicz

See you soon!

Event Page Link:

Youtube Link: These 3 Things: A Guide To Success And Happiness

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▼ Reshared Post From James Fierce ▼

Is It Possible To Be Happy And Successful

We are in strange times. Our economy is changing, our values are changing, technology advances daily, and all of this leaves many people a bit lost and confused. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, reflect on the basics and sit in the moment. 

On this weeks show we’re joined by +John Jurkiewicz who’s going to share his view on success and happiness as stated in his just published e-book These 3 Things. 

"I Help Good People Become Better" by developing themselves & their company’s

I’ve helped companies grow from the traditional “Mom & Pops” to thriving small business with positive traction in their market.

As a small business owner I know how critical your resources are to your survival. I promise you when you and I are finished we’ll both be smiling. I could sit here all day and tell you everything I’ve done and who I’ve done it with plus I can do for you, but then, what would we have to talk about the first time we meet each other? 

Link To The Book

Other Links:

The Benefits of Friends

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

This has always been one of my favorite scriptures partly because it’s timeless - friendship never goes out of style; and partly because it’s so universal. No matter what country or part of the world that we come from - the foundation of friendship is the same… Every worthwhile relationship must be built on Trust, or else one cannot fully invest. And, the full investment is what we’re actually all seeking.

So how do we learn who to trust, how to trust, and be trustworthy so that we can cultivate our very important Online friendships?

You’ll have to tune in on Thursday to learn more. Please join me with +Wade Harman and +DENNIS N. DUCE as we share some of our inside Relationship #FriendTrustTips  and hope to learn some from you, too. See you then, friends❣

Event Page Link:

YouTube Link: The Benefits of Friends

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▼ Reshared Post From Wade Harman ▼

The Benefits of Friends

Have you tried out +NOD3x for your G+ account yet?  It will literally open up a brand new world for you to explore here on Google Plus!  

Also check out some upgrading options in Nod3x here:  Get a 20% discount on anything on that page with the code WadeH2O


Join me as I talk with two very good friends of mine, +DENNIS N. DUCE and +Kristin Drysdale on the benefits of building relationships on social media has towards our business and our success.

We will talk about different approaches and how you should portray yourself to strangers that may want to start the relationship.  Learn how to build a follower to a relationship that cultivates into a friendship with these tips


Don’t forget to go find the “Make A Friend Button” and press it!

Subscribe via iTunes:

If you have posted to this event page, I will assume that you enjoy the content that the Relationship Marketing show produces and will include you in a HOA invite circle where I will notify you of future shows.  If you would rather I didn’t include you, please let me know!

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