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There's Gold in Your Personal Story - Part III

There’s Gold in Your Personal Story Part III

Find, Discover, Learn… Please join us in a couple hours from now to learn how to leverage your story in a way that brings your customers to YOU!

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Hangout Details: 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern

This is part III in the series on Personal Story and why it’s crucial to your marketing today. There is Gold in Your Story…find your story to create Cash Customers Fast.

In this Hangout, you will come away with 3 key points (and lots of others).

1. You will GET the Fundamentals of Good Storytelling. You know what a good one is…there is an “art” to storytelling and we’ll discuss this.

2. You will DISCOVER 3 keys to holding attention - there is a trick to to this. A good story isn’t worth anything if you can’t hold someone’s attention.

3. You will LEARN the Secrets to Influence Behavior with Story.

and much, much more.

I always give hangout attendees a Free Gift, so, you’ll want to stay on for the entire hangout.

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Results on a Rampage - For Those Satisfied ONLY With Extraordinary Results

#ROAR  *Results on a Rampage is coming up next with*+Kellan Fluckiger*Just a half hour to go*!

Are you only satisfied with achieving extraordinary results?

Event Page
YouTube LinkResults on a Rampage - For Those Satisfied ONLY With Extraordinary Results

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Modeled after my popular LA Talk Radio Show, this series of hangouts are all about RESULTS…on a Rampage.

This really is for those of you who are ONLY satisfied with achieving extraordinary results.

In this Hangout, you will come away with 3 key points (and lots of others).

1. You will learn HOW to Create a new vision for your life.

2. WHAT is a “Mental Earthquake” anyway? Is this important?

3. You will LEARN How to CREATE your own Path to Freedom.

and much, much more.

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We’ll be holding ROAR Hangouts every Tuesday, so, I’d love it if you would join me.

Also, I post tons of content on my Facebook page

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I will be holding these ROAR Hangouts every Tuesday evening, along with Speed to Profit Marketing Hangouts on Wednesday, and Break the Cage Now (personal achievement) on Saturday mornings, so, keep an eye out for these invites.

We’re just creating our new website, so, in the meantime, please visit: - there’s a free gift for anyone who opts in.

How To Brand Like A Boss - With Dustin Stout

Did +Dustin W. Stout  #throwdown a  #smackdown to meet +Wade Harman's graphic challenge on today’s episode of #GetBizy ?

Tune in to find out the answer to that, and learn so much more about what makes +Dustin W. Stout so very unique and special!

Event Page:

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▼ Reshared Post From James Fierce ▼

And Not Lose Your Moral Compass

Most companies can brand themselves initially without compromising their integrity, however, things can get saucy after you’ve been around the block a few times. 

In this weeks show we’re going to talk to Dustin about how he keeps his brand fresh, what’s the secret to his design aesthetic, tips for increasing your creativity mojo,  where he finds his awesome digital downloads, and what tricks he uses to personalize those images. We are also going to pick his brain about his homie (Jesus), why being a man of faith is so important to him, and how we all can balance business, family, and morality. 

Please join us for an uplifting hour where we will for sure #GetOurLearnOn  

About Dustin

Social Media, Creativity, Branding, and Design with just a dash of inspiration.

Dustin is a web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie. Creativity is his fuel, social media is his game, and Jesus is his homie.

Social Web Strategy Design

"Crafting creative ideas and turning them into visual and verbal brilliance. Dustin helps individuals and brands excel online through design and social media integration, strategy, and execution."

Why Neurodiversity Matters: Autism, Personality Type, and Multiple Intelligences

Why does Neurodiversity Matter??

Come join +Craig Calvert and +Mani St. Victor to discuss Autism, Personality Type, and Multiple Intelligences. 

Starting in 5 minutes!

Official site:

#mindful360   #neurodiversity

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Embracing neurodiversity is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. Improve business outcomes, optimize relationships, and reduce stress by learning WHY and HOW others think differently.

HOA Watch - Episode Five - Azlin Bloor

This is going on NOW! Come join us!♥♥

▼ Reshared Post From Mark H.O.A. Seydel ▼

HOA Watch - Episode Five - +Azlin Bloor

What’s Coming Up This Week in Hangouts On Air?

Come and spend 30 minutes with me and my guests each Monday at Noon, Eastern Time, to discuss what’s coming up in HOAs, what’s happening in the HOA world and get a review of a Hangouts On Air show from the previous week.

This week we will find out what +Azlin Bloor  is up to and hear +Kristin Drysdale's surprise  review of one of the HOAs from the past week.

About Azlin Bloor -

Known as Sweet, Spicy, Sexy!

G+ Page (new): AZ Entertainment

Host/Chef and Producer on Savour the Flavour - Live Cooking HOAs that showcase chefs and restaurants from around the world with an emphasis on FUN & FRIENDS 

Co Host and Chef on Simply Singapore - Live Cooking show focusing on Singapore food and culture

I was born and raised in Singapore
I taught Economics and English at “A” levels (18 year olds)
Now I’m a homeschooling mum of 4 kids, a private chef & a cookery teacher.

Trivia: a huge football (soccer) fan, all my kids have names related to the club I support.
I have almost 200 pairs of shoes, only 3 of those are flats!

Kristin Drysdale  - Our HOA Shows Reviewer:

"Exploratory Specialist and Social Rights advocate.

As an Exploratory Specialist and Social Rights advocate, Kristin has a lot of freedom to meet people on their terms. She is skilled in diplomacy, 
pragmatics, and research. She loves open source and full transparency. Her particular passions are domestic violence survivors, Google, and Global citizenship.”

Catch all HOA Watch Episodes at:

Mark H.O.A. Seydel’s HOAShows.Com is your one stop destination for everything Hangouts On Air. HOA Calendar, Archives by category, by person’s name and by show name, Bloopers, HOA Newsletter and more!

#getyourhangouton   #hoashows     #hoawatch

Never take down another. It will not make you wise, witty, or otherwise attractive.

True success is measurable by (as +Frank Gainsford puts it), those who respond to your call-to-action. Collaborate with those who resonate with you, and leave the rest to find their path. …That is respecting the Universe and the energy within.

#CoreValueAlignment   #KristinAuthorship  

Quote by +Mani St. Victor 
Conversation thread:

Serendipity, synchronicity, and blood flow

I suppose it could just be the mood I’m in- perhaps influenced by what surrounds me… Or maybe I’ve rounded a beautiful corner of self-discovery and my soul’s been lit on fire by what has been out there all along- an integral part of me and my destiny I just hadn’t discovered yet…

Whatever it is, I know I’m changed forever because we’ve connected. No war, rumor of war, or principality will ever break what is building because some things were, are, and will be.
It’s visceral.

This is what I got from +David Amerland's Sunday Read.
What did you get?? 


▼ Reshared Post From David Amerland ▼


I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 12 (and against my parents’ wishes at the time) and through that time I have gone from instant to filtered to freshly ground coffee beans. To espresso and back again, countless times. Drunk black, without sugar (I drink way too much coffee to want to put sugar in it) what has become important to me is the jolt to my synapses which transforms me into a livable human being, each morning.

Although instant coffee was first invented in 1890 by a Kiwi, it wasn’t looked upon as a mass manufactured product until Nestlé introduced the concept in 1938 and it wasn’t until after WWII that high-vacuum, freeze-dried coffee was available (saving our taste buds and further popularizing the medium). 

The point is that instant coffee became both commercially viable and popular because technology had been invented to produce penicillin and blood plasma, during the war and that technology could also be used to produce high-quality instant coffee. ( 

Across our world, progress has always been made when knowledge found in one area (like the use of Sulphur has been put to work in others (such when Goodyear discovered vulcanization). The outliers history has provided us with, now make total sense in what we know of information being relatively inert (and maybe not very useful) until it can be connected to other items of data at which point it becomes “smart”. 

We live in a smart, interconnected world. From Google’s attempt to use semantic technologies to make “every app a smart app” ( to the Knowledge Graph in search ( and the sheer degree of connectivity we each enjoy with each other, here. 

Yet, smart as we are becoming, we’re still capable of doing incredibly dumb things. Our world, away from the pristine connections and polite environment of our G+ contacts, is riven by a myriad problems and age-old conflicts that are taking their toll ( We used to think that these were “local” or “aberrations” or :soon to be resolved” but given the number of conflicts across the globe ( it looks like we are the aberration. Our desire for cooperation and our willingness to work together despite very obvious differences, marks us  as a breed apart. 

The problem may be with our brains. ( We are as mismatched in the offline world as we are in here. The difference is that the environment there is still subject to top-down, zero-sum game ( types of engagement which, logically, have us grappling to the death ( as the only sensible way to move forward. 

It seems ironic that the answer to how we can stop conflicts may lie in the same answers provided by couples’ therapy ( yet the conditions are frequently similar. Ultimately we all want the same things and we are social beings that crave relationships. The trick lies in finding the balance and acquiring the knowledge necessary to make use of it better. 

It is even more ironic that it is Emperor Shaohao (, a fictitious character that exist only in a virtual world ( that has a very real corporeal effect ( who may have given us the most lasting advice when he said:  ”But the question still remains… why do we fight? I trust you have learned: to fight out of fear or anger is to fight a war that never ends.Face your fears. Calm your hatreds. Find peace within yourself, so that you may share it with the world around you.”

It may seem trite to take the words of a character ruling in a world where death and destruction have different meanings entirely and seek to apply it in the space where death comes without a respawn function and where, to all intents and purposes, we each only get one life to play with. 

The fact that this raises the stakes should make it all the more vital that we re-examine our motivations and the long-term effect of our actions. In a connected world everything everyone does, matters. Small acts of kindness as well as random acts of violence have repercussions that go well beyond their local confines. As the offline and online merge, as the world truly gets smaller, Actor Network Theory ( suggests that the impact of everything impacts upon everything ( 

Ironically (again) it is another fictitious character called Kirito in an anime series called Sword Art Online ( where in the second series talking to his girlfriend, Asuna ( suggests that the real difference between online and offline lies in the amount of transmittable data. It’s a difference in granularity that is talked about a lot ( 

Technology is not only becoming more granular (which will challenge us all in our notions of the ‘real’) but it is also allowing the ‘virtual’ to mesh with the ‘real’ in current mixed-reality states ( 

In the midst of all this are our very primitive, biological, imperfect brains, still subject to: Fight, Flight or Freeze. It makes for a volatile mix. We lose, with each step, as much, as much as we gain. The former caused by wrong responses and misunderstood motivations. The latter by stepping up onto Emperor Shaohao’s ‘noble’ truths. 

Case in point this thread started by +Stephan Hovnanian  ( and you should really read the responses and then also check out the HOA I took part in with +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales  on Framing ( When everything is this connected. When the impact of what we say and do on a screen, typing words (or posting memes) has the ability to impact upon the feelings and perceptions of others, none of us is ‘innocent’ nothing really means “nothing”. And we all need to become better. Somehow.

Our input of the brain-enhancing black juice may soon start with sonic waves ( and even if it doesn’t Starbucks promises to make instant coffee special ( It is Sunday. You should have rivers of coffee to swim in and mountains of sugary treats to help you feel the day’s uniqueness. Our wider connectivity is like pieces of a global puzzle no one can quite see, nor anyone can quite understand in its entirety, yet we all feel we are integral parts of a wider picture. 

I, for one, am always grateful for everyone I connect with in here and I feel changed, in small ways, each time, as a result. 

Have a great Sunday, wherever you are.  


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