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Early (Fearless) Adopters Wanted!
Feeling Lucky?

Thanks to +Dustin W. Stout's open question to the public about the functionality of their Hangouts today, we now know about Chrome flags. Thanks for the enlightenment, +Stephan Hovnanian!

From the website:

About:Flags or chrome://flags is a url in Chrome that allows you to try new features in Chrome while they are being tested or are generally unstableThe page puts it best “WARNING These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time. We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn one of these experiments on, and your browser may even spontaneously combust. Jokes aside, your browser may delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected ways…. Please proceed with caution.”

Now, I consider myself to be pretty trigger-happy when it comes to trying out new Alphas and Betas, but mess with my security…??
Uh - nah

…I think not.

What do you think? Are you ‘Plus’ enough to risk all your security, privacy, and data?

#gsguides - Time to step up your game and get a real headshot

Celebrate and Learn From Their Labor on This Happy Labor Day!

It’s sometimes difficult for those of us with an entrepreneurial spirit to give up our addiction to learning things the hard way… It takes a special kind of trust to be willing to learn from someone and their past experiences, rather than insisting on figuring it out on our own. That’s why I am so thankful and grateful for the Geekspeak Guides

+Susan Finch and +Yvonne Heimann of +Ask Yvi truly labor out of love to bring us information each week (*info that by industry standards really shouldn’t be free, btw). Through their passion for what they do, they’re willing to do the back-end labor so that we don’t need to - and so we can focus more on our individual strengths and talents. To me - these two special ladies are what today is all about!

On that note, come celebrate with us at #ReplayCity :

Show topic: Headshots

#gsguides   #Headshots   #HeadshotsForBusiness   #HappyLaborDay2014   #GeekSpeakGuides   #GeekSpeak

▼ Reshared Post From Ask Yvi ▼

We are ALL up in your face on this one! No pun intended! You are a professional, you want us to trust you, we want to know you are committed to being professional - GET A REAL HEAD SHOT!

Here’s the test - go look at your head shot on your website, and professional social media profiles - oh wait, they all have the potential to be professional…..

Was it taken at a party?
Were there others in the photo that you cropped out?
Are you wearing a silly hat or sunglasses?
Is your pet in it with you?
Is stucco involved in the background?
Did you take a selfie?
Do you still look like that or do you only wish you still looked like that?
Are people even wearing that any more?
Were you drinking?
Are you at a restaurant or conference?
Are you on vacation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you need a new head shot.

join the community:

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Your Geekspeak Guides:

+Susan Finch  - +Susan Finch Solutions  Marketing, PR & Web Pro for DECADES! 


+Yvonne Heimann   - +Ask Yvi ’s Your “Can Do” Geek


#gsguides   #getyourlearnon

Please Join Me in This Epic Battle.

On September 10th, sites across the web will display an alert with a symbolic “loading” symbol (the proverbial “spinning wheel of death”) and promote a call to action for users to push comments to the FCC, Congress, and the White House. Major websites and services are lined up to push hard on this — it affects literally everyone who uses the Internet for work or pleasure. This is the moment to win this battle for the net.

For more information on ways to get involved, please visit:

H/t: +Nina Trankova 

#BattleForTheNet     #Enlightened     #NetNeutrality   #September10th   #SnowdenSnowbunny

Proud to be +KnaanVEVO's  #80ooo  *follower*!

Long-time fan of K’naan… why it took me this long  to follow here in GPlus and YouTube?  - Just like figuring out the licks it takes to get to the middle of a Tootsie-Pop► #TheWorldMayNeverKnow

Now that we got the whole promotion bull$+¡^ out of the way (yeah, I said it!) - here’s your CHALLENGE:

Take a Minute to watch and reflect. That’s it. Nothing hard. You’ll either be moved or not. You don’t even have to plus this post if you happen upon it and are reading this far. This is just for you… a #rhetoricalpost , if you will. #OneLovePeace

That moment when you discover the answers were there all along

I fell in love with +Lynn Abate-Johnson a while ago. She’s a #GroovyGeekChicDiva  who enjoys annual trips to +Burning Man, loves her family and friends, and knows more about Social Media than anyone I know. When she speaks - I listen! As stubborn as I am with insisting on making my own choices (often leading to #FailingFabulously ), Lynn is one person that I completely 100% hang on her words. 

I discovered her website today, and so it is my great honor to share it with all of you. Enjoy!

#PeopleFirst   #SocialBusinessSpecialist   #BrandEvangelism   #KickAssCommunityBuilding   #GetYourSlice

#FridayFourplay … Oh come on… like taking selfies doesn’t make you feel better?  I’ve had a long week and all I have to say is Thank goodness it’s F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!

Up next: After Dark: Going Tribal with +Grizwald Grim
This week’s guest: +Mark H.O.A. Seydel   

Event page:

YouTube: After Dark: Going Tribal

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Self-check: How well do you let those who are close to you define themselves

- The person who has defined your experience seems to have failed to grasp that you are a person with your own reality

- Those who are most harmful to us - even dangerous - feel a need to exert control over us

 Artwork and thoughts inspired by Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand, And Deal with People Who Try to Control You (Unabridged) by Patricia Evans

#ControllingPeople   #Relationships   #Mindful   #Mindful360  

Hat/tip: +Mani Saint-Victor

Results on a Rampage HOA - "What Are You Waiting For?"... all about...

Loved-loved-loved this super tribal discussion about Procrastination!

Do you know the reason why YOU procrastinate?

Come join the after-discussion in #ReplayCity .

#ResultsOnARampage   #ROAR   #KellanFluckiger   #TribalOne

▼ Reshared Post From Kellan Fluckiger ▼

ROAR - Results on a Rampage… with me, Kellan Fluckiger - Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm pacific / 9:30 pm eastern

Modeled after my popular LA Talk Radio Show, this series of hangouts are all about RESULTS…on a Rampage. This is mainly geared for business owners and entrepreneurs, but, if you are looking to achieve massive results in your life, this is the show for you.

This is for those of you who are ONLY satisfied with achieving extraordinary results.

Tuesday’s hangout is titled “What Are You Waiting For? In this Hangout, you will come away with 3 key points (and lots of others).

1. You will LEARN why Procrastination is the Death of Dreams.

2. LEARN Why we Procrastinate and what you can do about it.

3. DISCOVER the process of Ending Procrastination for good!

and much, much more.

To RSVP - click “Yes” to “Are you going to watch?”
(By clicking YES, you’ll receive any updates or changes to this Hangout, including any links to join).

Please feel free to SHARE this event/link with anyone you may think will benefit from this Hangout.

We’ll be holding ROAR Hangouts every Tuesday, so, I’d love it if you would join me.

Also, I post tons of content on my Facebook page

Please send me a Friend request. You can also send me a “Personal Message” if you would like to continue the conversation.

Also, I’d invite you to “Like” my Business page at:

Again, please RSVP by clicking “Yes” to ensure you get all updates and reminders to the Hangout.

I will be holding these ROAR Hangouts every Tuesday evening, along with Speed to Profit Marketing Hangouts on Wednesday, and Break the Cage Now (personal achievement) on Saturday mornings, so, keep an eye out for these invites.

We’re just creating our new website, so, in the meantime, please visit: - there’s a free gift for anyone who opts in.

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