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Results on a Rampage HOA - "What Are You Waiting For?"... all about...

Loved-loved-loved this super tribal discussion about Procrastination!

Do you know the reason why YOU procrastinate?

Come join the after-discussion in #ReplayCity .

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▼ Reshared Post From Kellan Fluckiger ▼

ROAR - Results on a Rampage… with me, Kellan Fluckiger - Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm pacific / 9:30 pm eastern

Modeled after my popular LA Talk Radio Show, this series of hangouts are all about RESULTS…on a Rampage. This is mainly geared for business owners and entrepreneurs, but, if you are looking to achieve massive results in your life, this is the show for you.

This is for those of you who are ONLY satisfied with achieving extraordinary results.

Tuesday’s hangout is titled “What Are You Waiting For? In this Hangout, you will come away with 3 key points (and lots of others).

1. You will LEARN why Procrastination is the Death of Dreams.

2. LEARN Why we Procrastinate and what you can do about it.

3. DISCOVER the process of Ending Procrastination for good!

and much, much more.

To RSVP - click “Yes” to “Are you going to watch?”
(By clicking YES, you’ll receive any updates or changes to this Hangout, including any links to join).

Please feel free to SHARE this event/link with anyone you may think will benefit from this Hangout.

We’ll be holding ROAR Hangouts every Tuesday, so, I’d love it if you would join me.

Also, I post tons of content on my Facebook page

Please send me a Friend request. You can also send me a “Personal Message” if you would like to continue the conversation.

Also, I’d invite you to “Like” my Business page at:

Again, please RSVP by clicking “Yes” to ensure you get all updates and reminders to the Hangout.

I will be holding these ROAR Hangouts every Tuesday evening, along with Speed to Profit Marketing Hangouts on Wednesday, and Break the Cage Now (personal achievement) on Saturday mornings, so, keep an eye out for these invites.

We’re just creating our new website, so, in the meantime, please visit: - there’s a free gift for anyone who opts in.

HOA Watch - Episode 8 - Mani Saint-Victor and Craig Calvert!

Twenty minute call… S y’all soon! 

Reminder: Our special guests today are +Craig Calvert and +Mani Saint-Victor, so come hear all the exciting #Mindful  goodness they have coming up for this next week!

Event Page: 
YouTube Link: 
HOA Watch - Episode 8 - Mani Saint-Victor and Craig Calvert!

#HOAWatch   #Mindful360   #yinyang  =D

▼ Reshared Post From Mark Seydel ▼

HOA Watch - Episode 8 - +Mani Saint-Victor and +Craig Calvert!

What’s Coming Up This Week in Hangouts On Air?

Come and spend 30 minutes with me and my guests each Monday at Noon, Eastern Time, to discuss what’s coming up in HOAs, what’s happening in the HOA world and get a review of a Hangouts On Air show from the previous week.

This week we will find out what +Mani Saint-Victor and +Craig Calvert  are up to and hear +Kristin Drysdale and her new mystery review partner’s review of one of the HOAs from the past week.

About +Mani Saint-Victor

In search of a meaningful path to move beyond traditional drugs and psychiatry, Dr. Mani Saint-Victor is a visionary leader in applying neuroscience to real world problems. With extensive experience in psychiatry, pharmacology, and trauma, his Harvard training has led Dr. Saint-Victor to persuasive leadership innovations. His brain-slapping style of research attracts clients from around the world to actively discover how their minds work and how to think their way to success (without shame). A true polymath, he’s brought much-needed science to the fuzzy world of self-improvement, and he’s equally at ease with everyone from billionaires to Tibetan throat singers. Want an example of his dedication? He once engineered his own arrest so that he could study the experience first-hand.
Graduated from UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, followed by an intense Psychiatry residency at University of Miami (the busiest psychiatric trauma center in the United States). Dr. Saint Victor is also an expert in biosemiotics.

If you’d like more context you can check out the team page on M360:

About +Craig Calvert

CEO, present - Mindful360

Craig Calvert has more than 20 years of neuroscience, neuromarketing, public speaking, and business communication experience. As a certified psychometrician, he uses personality type and type dynamics to improve and empower individuals, couples, teams, and entire organizations. Not only does he provide insight into personal, professional, and organizational development, he is a polymath who can also show how to use type dynamics in conflict resolution, marketing, branding, and business communication. In addition to his certification in psychometrics from CPP, he earned his BA from the University of Memphis (English Literature, Linguistics, & International Relations). Craig Calvert is a musician, extensive world traveler, and (as he puts it) speaks “dozens of languages very badly.” 

About +Kristin Drysdale 

Kristin Drysdale - Our HOA Shows Reviewer:

Exploratory Specialist and Social Rights advocate.
As an Exploratory Specialist and Social Rights advocate, Kristin has a lot of freedom to meet people on their terms. She is skilled in diplomacy, 
pragmatics, and research. She loves open source and full transparency. Her particular passions are domestic violence survivors, Google, and Global citizenship.

About +Grizwald Grim

“I see things in ways most people seem not to, and marvel at the how everything is connected.

I’m interested in social reform and breaking down the barriers that seem to be holding our species back from its potential.”

My favoritest Youtube Videos:
A limited selection of my musical tastes:
A playlist if you’re open to challenging commonly held beliefs:
What I’m most proud of having written:

Here’s more about my life than you probably want to know:

+Mark H.O.A. Seydel's HOAShows.Com is your one stop destination for everything Hangouts On Air. HOA Calendar, Archives by category, by person's name and by show name, Bloopers, HOA Newsletter and more!

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The many faces of deep thoughts
Alternate title: Canva, Canva, Canva ϡ

I thoroughly enjoyed this stimulating #Conversation  between +Grizwald Grim and +John Kellden last night. Call me narcissistic, but it was a fabulous birthday present to cap a day full of gifts and surprises. A heartfelt hug to each of you who warmed my heart and helped me through a day of major transition.♥♥♥♥♥♥

If you’d like to ask to join the #ConversationCommunity , #FollowTheFun  here:

#CheersToFriendship  and #CanvaCanvaCanva ! ;D

Core Value Alignment 4: Extraversion vs Introversion

Excited to be watching this… even if I have to go track down +Mani Saint-Victor and +Craig Calvert's activity all on my own, Lol!

Who else is with me on that? Let’s help them out a bit and start a notification list for all +Mindful360 events. Feel free to plus this post and I’ll be sure to add you to a list I’m currently gathering with the help of +Circloscope to hand to Mani & Craig. Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns… ;D

After Dark: Dabbling in Identity ~with Grizwald Grim (

Fri, Aug 15, 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

Dim the lights and join me this Friday night, as I share some experiences and explore the notions of identity and identity formation in both our online and offline worlds.

Likely topics include:
- Whether self is self-defined
- How events, environments and relationships shape us
- The role of choice in identity formation
- How we become the masks we wear


As I started to look for a song to go along with a friend’s post I’ll share later, I was greeted by this Hangout which I had the privilege to be apart of with +Chef Dennis Littley, +Lonni Lattie, +Scott Scowcroft, and +Wayne Meador. Appropriately, I was wearing #green - because I SOSOSO was… I show it completely with how I was just absolutely #geektinking  over getting to meet these amazing people. 

A couple of show highlights:
╰☆╮Mention of +AWorld4Change and the #PayItForward  Community
╰☆╮Lonnie’s Helpouts success
╰☆╮ #GetEllen  
╰☆╮The cool community of +A View From The Edge 
╰☆╮ Mention of +Jason Frasca and the awesomeness of #Evernote  
╰☆╮The introduction of

This was an absolute blast and I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity both to be apart of in the first place- but also to be able to revisit. Isn’t technology amazing!?! We are positively blessed by the talents and efforts of others.♥♥

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