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Ever get the feeling that we live in an eternal Wonderland here on Google Plus?! #PresentsPresentsPresents !! =D

I think I’ll let you unwrap this one all by yourself and be surprised.

Read more here:

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Stream Live HOA Event to Facebook and Twitter
Since Google Hangouts are tied to YouTube, you can broadcast/replay your HOA anywhere you can embed a YouTube video. This means that you can stream your live HOA event to Facebook and Twitter!

Learn how to embed Hangouts on Air events in Twitter and Facebook:

h/t: +Neil Ferree.

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Extension Installed - Friends+Me

Wow!!! Seriously so wickedly cool - +Friends+Me is now a Chrome extension and we can share into Google Plus from anywhere on the web!!!

Anyone still think Google is planning on canning Google Plus?? I dare you to make a case for it now with this kind of release!! ;D

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Happy Birthday!!!

To: +Ammon Johns 
(From all the female Ammonites anyway!) ;D

Since I didn’t get a chance to clear this with everyone on this list, and I’m sure I’ve omitted some quite by accident, everyone is welcome to join in wishing our Black Knight a very prosperous and joy-filled birthday!

Hope you are celebrating with your beautiful family, Ammon, and taking a bit of a break. (I’m sure all the new Panda roll-outs will keep you busy here after!) For now - eat cake! ヅ  

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Just in case you missed it from the source, here’s the Bomb-Diggity Ello User Guide from the one - the only - +Mark Traphagen  of+Stone Temple Consulting.
Direct Link:

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Equity Crowdfunding State of the Union w/ Ron Miller from

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it

+Manolis Sfinarolakis helps people everyday to make their vision of entrepreneurship a reality. 

On this special episode of +RealityCrowdTV, guest Ron Miller from StartEngine will provide a snapshot of where legislation from the 2012 Jobs Act currently is for the general investing public. See why many are saying this is the most critical time in the history of small business capital finance since 1933.

Please share this event and help it go viral. The future of Equity Crowdfunding may depend on it.

Event Page Link:

YouTube Link: Equity Crowdfunding State of the Union w/ Ron Miller from

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Equity Crowdfunding State of the Union w/ Ron Miller from

See The Submitted Comment Letters Here—>

Reality Crowd TV is proud to present a special Equity Crowdfunding State of the Union episode to discuss what many entrepreneurs and investors view as a critical time in the history of small business capital finance since 1933.  Equity Crowdfunding is a reality for the wealthiest of Americans and our guest Ron Miller from StartEngine will provide us with a snapshot of where legislation from the 2012 Jobs Act currently is for the general investing public as we discuss the much anticipated Unaccredited investor Title III Crowdfunding provision.

Guests Include

1)  Ron Miller, CEO, StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc.

2)  Manolis Sfinarolakis, Founder, Reality Crowd TV Media Corp.

Topics to be covered during this episode
1)  An update on the number of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) letters
2)  Why people are sending letters
3)  Costs for issuers (There were previously overestimated)
4)  How entrepreneurs are already creating companies to meet requirements of Title III (Crowdcheck, CFPA, FundHub)
About StartEngine
For the past two years, StartEngine has operated as a startup accelerator, funding over 57 early and seed-stage companies, making us the largest tech accelerator in Los Angeles. We are now broadening our reach through the launch of an equity crowdfunding platform that will be operating under Title III of the JOBS Act. 
About Ron Miller
Ronald D. Miller is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur having visualized, founded, built and sold five companies through management buyouts, private equity firms, private investors and public markets.
Currently, Ron is a partner in StartEngine, LA’s largest tech accelerator. He is helping to find, screen and fund new technology related start-ups and build an equity crowdfunding platform company. As the CEO of StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc., Ron facilitates financial ignition for innovative tech and media companies in order to help entrepreneurs achieve the American dream.
Ron founded the San Diego Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and served for 3 years as the Chapter’s Chair. He is also a member of WPO/YPO where he has served on the executive committee. Ron is also a member of the CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network, the LA Mayor’s Council on Technology and Innovation and the Advisory Council of USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

About Manolis Sfinarolakis
Manolis Sfinarolakis graduated from the University of Connecticut with BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting.  After two stints working for Deloitte & Touche LLP and brief restaurant management, real estate, and internal audit career, Manolis identified a unique opportunity to create Reality Crowd TV Media Corporation whose mission is to inform, educate, inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs worldwide to start small businesses through crowdfunding and to provide a blueprint on how to crowdfund.  Manolis has been heavily involved in the Greek Community as a member of AHEPA and the former Supreme President of the Sons of Pericles in 2012.

Contact Reality Crowd TV
We are always looking for guests and strategic partnerships.  Please contact us:

#Ello and Happy Sunday!

We’re having all kinds of fun over there. =D
- Minus the gross lack of #hashtagging  and difficulty in searching for friends, it’s kinda nice to just be and know that no one is trying to sell anything to anybody. …and anyone that posts anything questionably “sell-y” gets told to go away by mass amounts of noise.

Have you gotten over there yet? If so and we haven’t connected yet, please let me know in the comments here. See you around friends.

Heads-upIs it any surprise though, really??
Oh no, not +Adobe!!

Alright, so I’m a little bitter because I’ve been hit hard with this one. Fortunately, all is not lost… yet.

I mean - I still have the ability to get on here and blast my displeasure with a company I rely heavily upon for basic everyday applications because they decided to withhold patches that could have protected my system. Instead, now I’ve got to deal with the aftermath of having an attacker remotely execute code and enable the takeover of my system.

Thanks Adobe Update.

How about next time if you just release the patches with an issuance of a warning alongside with a transparency report. That way people can take a gamble. Might as well - since it’s a gamble with you anyhow.
To anyone that’s made it this far past my icky energy, please check your version numbers. If you’ve experienced any kind of weirdness like a use-after-free vulnerability, a cross-site scripting vulnerability, a denial-of-service vulnerability, two heap overflow vulnerabilities, two memory corruption vulnerabilities and/or a sandbox bypass vulnerability - then don’t delay in getting your systems updated.

The newest version numbers are 11.0.9 for both Reader XI and Acrobat XI.  Users of Reader X and Acrobat X, who are not able to update to 11.0.9, need to install version 10.1.12

Good luck everyone. Be steadfast and always follow your tech companies closely. Best rule of thumb is to always be informed. 


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#YepStillFunny ! =D

As hilarious as it was at the time because ( well, YOU watch it and try not to laugh…) - +Andy Nathan makes a really great point. People want to hear your story. And if you can bring us on the journey with you - and show us the face of victory (or process if you’re still in it on your way to achievement), then all the more power to you!

Andy may have been a little off with his assumptions about +Luc Jallois… yet perhaps there’s a marketing lesson to be had right there as well. 

All in good fun, my friends… All in good fun.   

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